AL143 W01 280
AL143 W01 280
AL143 W01 280
AL143 W01 280

AL143 W01 280

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Camicia da uomo in panno di lana imbottita in piuma.
Fodera matelassé in nylon 3k bianco. Chiusura anteriore con bottoni a pressione logati in tinta al capo.
Doppia tasca anteriore. Patch logo afterlabel in punto spugna con scritta microiniettata.
Slash logo ricamato sul retro del capo.
Pendaglio logo afterlabel bianco per tutti i capi del pacchetto wool.

Men’s feather padded in woollen cloth shirt. Matelasse white 3k nylon fully lined. Frontal matching after label logo snap buttons closure.
Double frontal pockets.
Micro injected sponge stitched afterlabel patch. Slash logo embroidered on the back of the shirt.
White afterlabel pendant available for the wool package.

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